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  2005.03.31  01.31

ok, everyone, i have an announcement to make. i realize i should have posted this a few days ago, but you know me, i don't post anything. i am now engaged to the wonderful, beautiful, and sweet dianne beard.
i could not be happier and she could not be more perfect for me!




  2005.02.28  22.30

ok, funny story

a couple of my buddies went to the store the other night to buy some more beer. one was fairly drunk already, spencer. they step up to the check out and get in line. the man in front of them hands his card and tells the cashier that it's not scanning. spencer notices that the man's card has an american flag across it. "wow, pretty patriotic, man!" spencer says to the man. then spencer immediately throws his hands up and begins pumping his fists in the air while chanting at the TOP of his lungs - "USA! USA! USA! USA!" all the customers, including the man and cashier, stop and stare at spencer
while walking out of the store, tyler informed spencer that the man did not pick out his "patriotic" card because he was using a food stamp ebt card and the man was buying his food with FOOD STAMPS


  2004.12.07  18.46
you've got to be kidding me

ok, i want the rip livejournal right out of the computer and have a little talk with him. i haven't updated this thing in years so i decide to do that today and i wrote out this long entry and it was full of all sorts of fun stories and did a wonderful job of catching everyone up on what's going on with me - but now...now, you just get this cause when i wanted it to post i just got an error message and couldn't get it back.

it could be a while before i calm down an try to compose another real post. maybe a few MORE years.

Mood: pissed off

  2002.07.08  13.45
4 days left

yet another day of work ahead of me, but only 4 days till i get to go back to knoxville for drum camp and i can't wait.....


  2002.07.06  00.17

well i just got back from atlanta today. my cousin, angela and her husband, scott, moved there a few months ago so my family went down there for the fourth along with angela's aunt and uncle, who if you went with me to michigan will know pretty well - it was some apseys - tom and terri and their kids david, mike, and michelle. we got there late Wednesday night and scott and i decided we wanted to play some cards so me and my dad and my cousins started playing tonk (which i'm' sure is a northern thing, but let me know if you know how to play so i can play with you). well since i'll be 21 in a month, they decided i could drink with them now, so the group of us drank a ridiculous amount of beer. it was certainly interesting playing cards with your dad who's as drunk as you are, haha. however, i was able to kick everyone's ass at the game, and made about $12 since we played each game at about 50 to 75 cents a game.
we went to "the world of coca-cola" downtown atlanta today and man it was hot outside. i'd already been there but the apseys hadn't so i just endured the tour again. if you ever go there, when you get to the end with all the world drinks that you can taste test you have to try the beverly drink....mwahahaha! (evil laugh) it's the worst thing i've ever put in my mouth....ever. and it stays with you for about 10 mins after you had the drink. apparently the italians like it but i can't imagine why. well i had better get to bed, i've got to work tomorrow at 10am.


  2002.06.27  13.45

i'm starting to get sick of working at the tractor store. i just don't feel like selling anyone tractor supplies anymore. oh well, after i work today, i have tomorrow off. perhaps i'll do something interesting. i really can't wait till percussion camp, it'll be nice to get back to knoxville again and see all my drumline fellas. only 15 days till we go, maybe 14 if we drive the day before.


  2002.06.25  01.34
ben stiller

tyler and i watched zoolander tonight. we got pulled over on the way to get the movie and the dike gave tyler a ticket for not stopping at a red light before he turned right. so that sucks for tyler, but i'm sure things will work out on his court date. zoolander was damn hilarious! i thought it was going to be stupid, but i was very wrong, it was stupid and funny. anyone who hasn't seen it, probably needs to, although no one will appreciate it as much as me.

Mood: silly

  2002.06.24  01.47

went to the rich biggs party last night. went to dinner with dianne so didn't get to the party till late. everyone was pretty drunk by time i got there, so it was interesting being one of the few sobers for a while. it was very nice to do something with dianne, i always enjoy talking to her and being around her. we certainly don't do enough together considering how well we get along. the party lacked some female participants, but as always i enjoyed hanging out with all my good guy friends. speaking of derrick, i can't believe he moved back to cookeville for the rest of the summer. i'm glad he got a job and all but by time November or December rolls around, he's going to be really sick of that silly town. luckily, i've got the next few days off, which i badly needed. so i can finally go back to my routine of sleeping in and laying out by the pool. the pools getting quite warm, so anyone who wants to go swimming, just give me a call!! i've been thinking about having a bunch of people over on like a Saturday day to go swimming and stuff. it'd be nice to have a good pool party. perhaps i'll do that for my 21st birthday when august gets here.

Mood: cheerful

  2002.06.17  11.44

well i suppose that i haven't written anything in a while and this needs updating badly. although i'm not the only one who's been neglecting the livejournal. i finally got a job last week for those of you who don't know. yes, i'm working at the tractor supply company here in franklin. it's certainly an interesting job. lots of very ... um....country people in there all the time. luckily, i've had about nine years of training in how to understand tennessee talk, so thanks to people like travis i can understand most of them. slowly i'm learning a lot about tractors, which is probably something i'll never need to know again in life after i'm done with this job. oh well. i've been working a lot and this is my day off so i suppose i'm going to go now and find something to do for the day.


  2002.06.01  23.51

well that link that compares your score to my score didn't quite work so i think i'll give it another try/////

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  2002.06.01  23.44

hey, i know i haven't updated this thing in a very long time and i've got a lot to say, but today's not really my day for telling stories - so instead eliz had this really cool website on her post recently and i enjoyed it so i thought i'd do one myself -------

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  2002.05.05  23.20
schools out!

my parents came today and helped move everything out of my dorm today. my room looks so sad now. all i've got in here for tonight is my computer, a change of clothes, and my books. althought i enjoyed my 2 yr stay here in north carrick, i can't say that i'll miss it. living in gibbs hall next semester will be much much nicer. i have just one more exam, tomorrow. it's an open book/open note exam so i hope it doesn't require much studying cause i'm not studying for it. after that test i'm out of here and heading back to franklin. when's everyone from frankling getting back?? just let me know - for now i think i'll go to sleep


  2002.05.01  11.59

it sucks to be sick. every thing seems like a chore - even just walking across the room. i had a fever yesterday, i'm not sure if it's gone today but i believe it is. my sinuses are clogged to hell and my throat feels painful and constricted. what a time to get sick, eh? the day before exams start, wow brilliant timing. i wish i could just sleep till it was time to go back to franklin - well i would do that but jj calls here about every 10 mins and there's no way anyone can sleep through that phone's ring. i could go for some chicken noodle soup. well if anyone feels the need to come take care of me c'mon over, haha.

Mood: sick

  2002.04.29  15.42
ahh, what a weekend

well this weekend was pretty interesting and if you've read anyone else's journal i'm sure you already know why. it was one of those times that while i was experiencing it, i had no idea how crazy it was and the amount of hilarious stories that would come from it.
as we reached that house that tyler, jared, and rich were partying at, i already knew that tyler was quite drunk from a phone conversation with him earlier. i walked into the front door and hollered at tyler. as soon as tyler turned around to shake my hand, i saw jared in this big round chair and it didn't look like he was doing very well. some guy i didn't know grabbed him and dragged outside. now i had just gotten there and was a little confused about the whole situation. eventually i went outside looking for the rest of my friends who were all hovered around jared. there must have been about six of jared's friends around him to take care of him, but for some reason, there was nearly a dozen people who kept walking up to us and telling us that we need to find "this guy's" friends so that they can take care of him. how ignorant. at this point, we were all concerned about jared (not for his health, we were pretty sure he wasn't going to die or anything that severe, but we needed to get him somewhere that he could be clean and let him sleep), everyone was concerned except tyler. tyler was in another world. although tyler kept asking if he was going to be all right, he kept asking about every 2 minutes, which means he wasn't really listening to our answers. tyler even tried to check his pulse, which of course tyler was too drunk to find, and freaked out. he even did the slow motion simpson's, and if you don't know what that is it's what i use to tell tyler's level of drunkenness - he'll only do it if he's completely smashed. after we spend 15mins putting jared into rick's car, tyler kept trying to climb the car. he said over and over again, "i'm just going to get a ride back with you guys." which was not really feasible. trying to get tyler to understand that he was just going to stay there was a chore in and of itself - as if we didn't have enough to worry about. finally we left and tyler called me very confused telling me that rich had left him but his car was still there - but in reality rick was still there and his car was with me. hmmm...how does he get so confused? after hauling jared up to my room and peeling his clothes off of him, we finally got some sleep. and this is probably only half of the story. haha, some other time i guess.

i'm ready for school to be done......

Mood: thoughtful

  2002.04.24  20.10

it's been just a typical day today. most of my roommates have been playing video games all day, it's been rainy, and i've been quite bored. the first nationally televised tigrers game for the year was on today after a rain delay. they lost 8-2, but i certainly wasn't expecting a win. seth and jj have taken over my tv again, like they do every Wednesday. i hate it when they do that because jj forces us to watch really stupid shows like dawson's creek and felicity. usually seth won't watch them with her and plays on the computer but i told him today that if he's letting her watch shows that i hate in my room and on my tv then he better sit there and suffer through them. not sure what's going on this weekend, but i could go for some fun stuff. i think derrick said something about coming to knoxville this weekend. we'll see how that goes i suppose.....

Mood: aggravated

  2002.04.23  11.42

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  2002.04.22  14.36
Hi Everybody (in the Dr. Nick accent)

well this weekend was kind of silly but it was fun anyway. i went to tyler's house for dinner on Friday night and there was a bunch of my teachers over there including ms. mcabee (horrible chem AP teacher) and my favorite physics teacher, mr roberts.

the next day, tyler, derrick and i decide to go to unclaimed baggage in scottsboro, al. travis was supposed to go with us, but he ended up having to work. jared and rick were supposed to meet us in manchester and go with us, but they "didn't feel like it" and didn't feel the need to tell us till we were in manchester and called them to see where the hell they were. that's a lame excuse to not want to go along if you ask me. we had fun anyway. that place is nuts. if you've never heard of it, its a place that buys all the baggage that never gets reunited with it's owner from airports. so there's lots of strange stuff there. lots and lots of cd, clothing - especially business and vacation clothing, and strollers. it's like a giant garage sale.

nothing eventful since then though. except for the aaron's 449, where little e earned his first win of the year, leading 133 of 188 laps. who, if you didn't know, is my favorite driver. yes, i know, what a loser that i keep up with nascar, but i must be a michigan hillbilly at heart. (and yes they do exist and are just like the ones from tennessee sans the accent).

i paid for the cottage on lake huron today. i'm getting quite excited. especially since the tigers have decided to start winning some lately. so perhaps they'll win when we stop there on the 17th for our trip.

Mood: pleased

  2002.04.17  14.14
no more school

hey, i remembered that i need to write in this more often.

anybody else ready for school to get out?? cause i'm sick of going to class.

planning a trip to michigan/canada for may. i've found a condo for the week of may 17-24 that's right on lake huron. it's going to be grape!! anyone want to come, there's still room!! let me know as soon as you can and remember, you only have to be 19 to drink in canada!! also along our way we plan to stop and see the detroit tigers play at their new comerica stadium. they'll probably lose, but it'll sure be fun anyway.

Mood: mellow

  2002.03.27  22.03
canada, eh?

well, spring break has come and gone, but the canadians are still haunting my dreams. matt aurand and i went to michigan and canada for spring break. it was quite a lot of fun. although my driver's liscence sucks cause it's faded really bad so the border guy didn't like it and sent us to imigration. it was a little scary, but we eventually got clearance. it was a wonderful feeling to walk into a bar and order a beer (you know, since the drinking age in canada is 19 and all). matt and i probably drank way too much, but we had lots of fun anyway. i was terribly cold in canada and michigan, even snowed a bit there. the canadians thought we were nuts for coming there for our spring break. tomorrow i go home for easter break. anyone else going to be there and want to do something???

Mood: awake

  2002.03.17  17.31
no, i'm still alive

now, i'm sure most people think i've probably died or been kidnapped since i haven't updated my journal in like a month or so, but no, i'm still alive i've just been busy and not feeling well for a while. but now i'm back in franklin for spring break and have finally had my first night's sleep that was longer than 8 hrs in almost three weeks. wow, that was sure refreshing.
there was this great party Friday night at phil huss' house. it was a "pimps and hoes" party so i put on this great green 70's style suit with bell bottoms and all. i had on my gold jewelry and to top it off, i had this excellent fuzzy had with a feather in it. i found it in the attic and i still think it's one of the coolest hats i've seen. unfortunately not everyone participated, so i almost stuck out if it hadn't been for derrick and tyler who were also ridiculously dressed as well.
my cousin, jenny, and i are supposed to be taking a trip to panama city this week, but she hasn't called me back in a few days so perhaps that won't happen. but after spending the last few days in TN with the wonderful cloudy and rainy weather, i'm ready to get out of here and get to FL. hopefully things will work out and we'll be on our way to our vacation tomorrow. if anyone else happens to be in town this week, let me know cause i don't know if i can take anymore boring days like today - haha. although truthfully, this is much better than going to class this week!! well, i guess i'm going to go

Mood: bored

  2002.02.17  00.30

aghhhh!!! i just typed this whole long entry and when i was about to submit it, the damn thing erased everything i had just typed. i don't feel like typing it all out again, so i guess i'll just type the abridged version in here.... - the weekend was very nice. i went to on my blind date with lynn this weekend and she's a very nice and easy to talk to girl. i very much enjoyed her company and wish she didn't live so far away from me. last night i went to dinner with travis, catherine, and lynn. today we were going to go skiing/snowboaring at ober gatlinburg but the traffic messed up our plans so instead we went on a bungee-type ride and went ice skating. the other version was much more detailed and more interesting but oh well. oh, one more thing - someone needs to tell travis that you're not supposed to have extended conversations with the onstar people! haha!

Mood: frustrated

  2002.02.09  01.24

well, i just got into cookeville tonight. derrick, tyler, rick and i have been watching spinal tap and episodes of family guy all night. it's been a pretty funny night. not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow, but i know tomorrow night we're going to tyler's sigma chi party - i could go for a good frat party! haha, the funny thing is is that derrick and i don't exactally fit in with all the fraternity people, but that makes it all the more fun.


  2002.02.04  23.56
it's cold

so i decided that it's damn cold outside. class was the usual boring stuff and nothing today seemed even remotely exciting. although tonight i had drumline rehearsal. they've decided to have a class once a week so that we (thedrumline) don't have to go an entire semester not drumming. i have a feeling that this is going to make us much better for this fall. which will be great since the usual college drumline just plain sucks - perhaps we will break this trend? it was certainly a good feeling to stand behind a drum again. this weekend i'll be going to cookeville for tyler's sigma chi party. yes, i know, i said it was this past weekend, but i found out that i was off by a week. which is good, because now i have something to look forward to this weekend. every weekend seems to be just as good as that last - isn't that great?!?! and for the next weekend, i've been set up for a blind date of sorts with my suitmate travis' friend from kingsport. actually she goes to auburn and will be here for the weekend, she seems really excited to meet me (makes me wonder what travis has told her, haha) and she's quite attractive so i'm equally excited. i've never been on a blind date so this should be interesting, stay tuned for more on that one.
matt's father passed away tonight. that poor guy, no one should have to lose his or her parent at 19 yrs old. i won't be able to make it to the funeral but spencer and i are sending flowers. i know i'm going to get really sad when i have to drive to gatlinburg tomorrow for snowboarding without him, i miss matt. well i guess i'm going to get ready for bed. i sure could go for a good dream tonight!!

Mood: restless

  2002.02.02  13.07
what a night

well last night was quite possibly one of the coolest nights of my life. derrick, tyler, samantha and i drove down to atlanta last night and saw cake at the tabernacle. despite a few mishaps along the way, we made it in time to see the show. since derrick and tyler were coming from cookeville, and samantha and i were coming from knoxville, we just decided to meet that the georgia welcome center on i-75. well sam and i would have made it on time but we got stuck in some major construction traffic and made us late. we finally got to atlanta at around 9, which was about an hour after it was supposed to start. luckily cake hadn't started yet, so everything was cool. i have go to say that the tabernacle is the most awesome place that i've ever seen an concert - i'm definitely going back cause it was worth the drive. i was very pleased with the cake performance. derrick and i had seen them in the fall in nashville and we were worried that they'd end up playing the same songs this time as they did last time. but amazingly almost every song they played was a song they didn't play at the last one. so we definitely got our money's worth. well that was my night and i wish i could relive it a hundred times - - -

Mood: exhausted

  2002.01.31  13.33
long time, no update

gosh, i guess i've been busy lately. or at least that's going to be my excuse for not updating this thing for a while. snowboarding class Tuesday night was a whole lot of fun. at least for me it was, cause i don't think matt enjoyed it very much. before the lesson started matt and i decided to do a little warm up boarding and on our first trip down the hill matt took quite a spill and lost his glasses. i felt so bad for him because he can't see a damn thing without them. i looked and looked all over the hill but i never found them, so matt couldn't go to his lesson and couldn't snowboard anymore that night. snowboarding class is not going to be as much fun anymore: matt withdrew from class yesterday so that he can spend more time with his father, who isn't doing too well. i know this has go to be hard on matt and his entire family, much harder than anything i've ever had to go through in my life. so if everyone could keep them in your prayers, i know they'd appreciate it.
on a slightly happier note, this weekend is going to kick some serious ass. on Friday night, tyler, derrick, samantha, and i are driving to atlanta to see cake at the tabernacle. i'm quite excited and i'm sure i won't be able to sleep tonight! yes i know, you're all say, "but barry, you've already seen cake recently" and yes you'd be right,but you know what?? i don't care, because they're my fav band and i'd see them a million times if i could. the scary thing is is that i keep finding people who want to go to these concerts with me, haha. so, atlanta will certainly be fun, and Saturday night i'll be in cookeville for tyler's sigma chi party, which will definitely be a lot of fun. nothing planned for Sunday, which is by design so that i can have a day to fully recover from my weekend adventures. hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather in knoxville and have a great weekend!!

Mood: excited

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